We will conduct a free analysis of your business process, tell you what you can and should automate, help you find points of growth by saving on routine.


We create digital products and provide design support for ambitious startups and big companies

We do not just sell you the development of an application or service. We go deep into the product or the business process, we understand what tasks need to be solved and how best to do it, without reinventing the wheel over and over again. And then we test it and bring it to perfection.
The result - is a digital product with clear logic, a user-friendly interface, clean code, and meaninfull texts.

Создаём цифровые продукты и оказываем дизайн-поддержку амбициозным стартапам и корпорациям
Создаём цифровые продукты и оказываем дизайн-поддержку амбициозным стартапам и корпорациям

Developing full-fledged digital services

If you don't have your own developers or UX/UI specialists - we can replace them and create a product or service from scratch. If you have them already - we won't take the bread, but just take care of some side tasks, such as drawing the interfaces for online platform, or integration of services you need between produtcs, we will put a cool UI on top of an unsightly enterprise platform. We'll allocate a whole team for this, which will work only for you, without shifting to other clients.

Разрабатываем полноценные цифровые сервисы

We can work on a one-time or regular basis

Можем закрыть разово или закрывать для вас регулярно:UX/UI проектирование, Дизайн, Копирайтинг, Frontend, Backend

UX/UI design

If you don't have a UX/UI designer, we'll dive into the product, research competitors' offerings, find the best solution. We'll analyze it, lay out the user path, map the empathy, think through the composition of pages and features. If you have your own, we'll update it taking into account trends and your wishes.


We'll make it without templates and taking into account the tasks entrusted to it. For example - laconic, so that it supports UX, or vivid, with cool animations, but without cringe.


We always have a copywriter on hand. We will ask the right questions and choose the right tone of voice - without the "wide range" and "experts from all over the world," but with simple and clear examples.


From simple website pages to complex services and web-app. We use only top no-code or low-code commercial tools that have been tested for years. Quality is strictly monitored: we have our own clear criteria.


We use serverless backend technology. Everything is fast, intuitive, we can set up all the logic visually, hook an API, make push and authorization through social accounts.

What we can create:


With no and low-code technologies we solve the issue of high cost of app development. We create apps that users can download from the App Store and Play Market.


We specialize in creating web applications (PWA - progressive web app) that can scale and meet the requirements of your target market. No-code technology allows you to develop a product five times faster than traditional development.


MVP development is a quick way to determine if a product solves a consumer need and is worth continuing to develop. No-code is ideal for this because it allows you to quickly turn your idea into a product and test it.


We can provide you with a CRM or a dashboard to communicate with your team. We can create small but very important tools on top of your corporate solutions.

What are you paying for?
There are two options.

Payment per sprint (time and material)

You buy out the team's time - a week or a month. We set a task for this segment and work only on it, for example, designing and layout user cabinet. At the end of the sprint we show the result. It's convenient if you need to divide a large project into stages.

Per hour rate

How much time has accumulated - that's how much you pay. You send us your terms of reference, we turn on the time tracker and start the work. This option is suitable if there are no regular tasks. For example, when you need to fix an adaptive or make one a small landing page.

Our simple but straightforward offer


We make a high-quality, working product


We can help you develop a complex terms of reference.



We are ready to finalize your product after the launch and provide technical support


You pay for our development as we go along, in small installments (sprints)


You remain the owner of your project, we transfer all the sources to you, always


We have experts on hand - product managers, designers, marketers

Our cases

Mobile app for personal booking

Мобильное приложение для персонального бронирования

Developed a mobile app for bookings (for entrepreneurs and small businesses).
Automated recording in time slots
Made integration with CRM systems
Increased the number of requests by an average of 22%.
App on Flutterflow + Flutter, for iOS / Android
Linked the app to Google calendar, connected Geo.

Marketplace for unique travel experiences

Маркетплейс для уникальных туристических поездок

Developed a mobile app - a marketplace for unique tourist trips (a startup in the U.S. market)
Created a dashboard for clients and a personal account for users
App on Flutterflow + Flutter, for iOS / Android

Mobile app for online order pickers in the warehouse

Мобильное приложение для сборщиков онлайн-заказов на складе

We developed a mobile application - an add-on for enterprise system, for online order pickers at the warehouse.

It helps to quickly collect an order and work simultaneously on three orders at a time.
Eliminated stripped-down functionality of the boxed solution for warehouse accounting
React + n8n + custom API, Android only

Mobile app - an aggregator of local events

Мобильное приложение - агрегатор местных событий

Developed a mobile application, an aggregator of events (a startup in the U.S.).
Created a dashboard for clients (event organizers)
Application on Flutterflow, for iOS / Android
Implemented mapping service, audio and video player, filters in feed.

Web-application - Corporate training platform for HR

Веб-приложение - Корпоративная платформа обучения для HR

Developed a web application - a learning platform for the corporate environment, where training courses are based on innovative educational content in the form of articles, videos and podcasts.

Quizzes are used to test and confirm each employee's knowledge. On successful completion of the quiz, i.e. a score of 100%, the employee is awarded HP points, which can be accumulated and converted into vouchers.

The flexibility of the platform was necessary in order to facilitate the implementation of the project in different subsidiaries and to guarantee the scalability of the application.

Specifically, each company should be able to:
- Determine the number of points to be awarded to employees for participating in the quiz
- monetary value of those points
- define the number of quiz stages
- to present the different types of offered articles
- to add the estimated time for reading articles
- add illustrative text for each article
- present quiz questions/answers and explanations of the answers
- make an overview of the quiz at the end of each quiz.

Web application for a company

Веб-приложение для компании, работающей в сфере

Developed a web application for a company.

The operations team can easily segment and analyze restaurant revenues by month, year, category, etc.

The dashboard also includes a chat window to resolve customer complaints and an Alert Center

All application and restaurant data management system was implemented and launched in 3 weeks. All labor-intensive and monotonous operations were fully automated, which allowed us to speed up order placement and processing, speed up delivery and increase revenue.

Time frame ⏱️ - 4 weeks.

Quarkly, Directual, Custom API were used as tools

Web-application for automation of orders and warehouse operations

Веб-приложение для автоматизации заказов и складских операций

Developed a web application to automate orders and warehouse operations

Dashboard allows you to monitor current orders and immediately inform in real time about the current stock, order statuses.

Quarkly, React, Directual, Nocodb, Custom API were used as tools

The technologies we work with


Beautiful, fully responsive websites

Complex web applications with business logic and database

Robust mobile apps that work on iOS and Android

Database and automation on steroids

Any automation and integration of 1000+ online services with each other.

Any kind of automation and integration of 1000+ online services with each other

Backend, database and business logic

Backend, database and business logic for ultra-high load

React + node.js without writing any code. x 10 times faster, but the same reliable result

Make a web app from Google Sheets data in a day

Payments with ease. Connect Stripe to any product so you can get paid

UX/UI design and prototyping

Automation of emails, chatbots, integration with CRM systems

If necessary, we add modules and scripts to the code


Anything with an API can be implemented in our development pipeline

As well as other tools optimal for the task

Our team

Артём Канаш

Artyom Kanash

CTO, developer

Тимур Есенов

Timur Yessenov

CEO, project manager

Вячеслав Молодых

Vyacheslav Molodykh

Development Director, Project Manager

Искандер Дуйсенов

Iskander Duisenov

UX/UI, design

Таня Ростова

Tanya Rostova


Андрей Смирнов

Andrey Smirnov


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